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Content Marketing Step by Step

Content marketing is on everyone’s lips. All the experts talk about it. All the big brands do it. But how does this affect you, entrepreneur, trader or liberal profession? What can it do to serve your company, and especially what method to use and what results to expect? These are the real questions that this article will address.


Let’s put things first: content marketing can not be improvised and is not free.


Writing a few articles on a blog, posting videos on YouTube or writing posts on LinkedIn or Facebook is not content marketing. Without a clear action plan, all this will bring you nothing, or very little, in terms of visibility, credibility, notoriety and especially this content will not be transformed – by magic – into sales.


Like a home, content creation takes a lot of time, energy and / or budget, depending on whether you do it yourself or outsource the task. Do not tarnish the value of this work by publishing it right and wrong, without controlling what will happen to it. It means in plain language:


Publish first on your site (which you own 100%).


Do not publish your content only on LinkedIn, Medium or Facebook (or on one of these platforms where the rules may change overnight, eventually causing your content to disappear).


Do not distribute your content on a site that you do not have the domain name or keys (flee the subscription formulas – your content will disappear when you stop paying).


Identify your target audience


To continue the metaphor of construction, the architect you will contact must know for whom he builds: a family, a company, a trader, a farmer, …


Depending on the destination, the home he will design will not have the same components at all.


Similarly, before writing any content or planning any campaign, you must know who you are talking to: age range, level of knowledge, location, interests, etc. All of this will have an impact on the type of content, style and level of specialization to be expected. You obviously do not apply in the same way to teens or quinquas bac + 5.


Speak to the right readers


In terms of content marketing, your priority is of course to find readers. Good editorial practices associated with correct SEO markup should allow you to access the first page of Google on specific keywords and thus interest some users.


You should win your first readers. But how do you know if they are good readers? If they are likely to become customers one day … One solution: to study who your potential customers are and to contact them first.


Portrait of your ideal reader


To find out who your ideal reader is, you must first define who your ideal client is, identify their desires, their fears, their tastes. In short, you will make a portrait as accurate as possible (the famous persona).


You will then write your articles as if you were personally sending him a message. Your contents will be for him. It is him you want to help, convince and encourage to contact you. It is with him that you want to work.


Having many readers is certainly flattering to the ego but it does not help much. Effective business content must turn some of your readers into a prospect and then into a customer. Otherwise your strategy is futile.