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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Services

Affiliate marketing is the oldest form of performance based marketing whereby the product of a given online seller is recommended to customers by affiliates who earns commission on the product being sold. It is online sales tactics that lets the product owners to increase sales and the affiliates to earn commission without the need of creating their own products. Customers pay the same price of buying a product through affiliates that they would have paid for direct purchase. By the way of creating successful affiliate programs on websites, online merchants can reach potential customers that would otherwise be difficult to reach.


Why is Affiliate Marketing Important?


It is important to understand the benefits associated with Affiliate Marketing to gauge its relevance and important in the present scenario. Some of the key benefits are:-


  • Affiliate Marketing is ideal for any new business as the initial investment is really low

  • Affiliate marketing is really very easy to start

  • As affiliates already have existing strong network base, they enable businesses to penetrate in the market and establish themselves

  • Affiliates are paid only when their referred products are sold. So, there is no extra cost attached to this program. This also leads to higher motivation level for affiliates as their income is directly related to their performance.

  • The risk level is nominal. Payment is to be made for only effective advertisement in this case unlike other advertisement forms where payment has to be made irrespective of the result produced.

  • Affiliates work as sales team of the business and their payments are based on their own performance.  This helps businesses to save money and direct it to some other productive pockets.

  • It increases the visibility of brands. Products and services get the maximum amount of exposure through affiliates compared to traditional marketing techniques.

  • The results can be tracked easily

  • It enables online businesses to reach global customers and engage and attract potential web traffic.


Understanding our Affiliate Marketing Strategies


BlueTrans Techniologies Pvt. Ltd is a top affiliate marketing service provider.  BlueTrans Technology Pvt. Ltd helps clients to get the best and most suitable affiliates for their businesses. Our approach to a client’s affiliate marketing requirement is largely based on below discussed effective strategies:-


  • The key to go for a successful affiliated program is to first understand the need and requirement of clients. Proper initial consultation is held between clients and our team of experts who possesses specialized skill and knowledge to deliver the best affiliate campaign to them.

  • Once we are selected, all the aspects related to affiliate marketing of client are our responsibility and we work as a team to achieve the best for our clients.

  • Our effective and performance based lead generation solutions allow businesses to grow beyond selective affiliate sales channels.   Strong leads means strong network. We aid businesses to develop profitable relation with affiliates.

  • Businesses are benefitted by our most productive and widespread affiliate network that enables them to work with greater number of publishers and earn better returns.

  • The most updated and technologically proven affiliate tools are used by us to launch a client’s campaign.

  • It is highly possible to get real time feedback about the performance level of our various affiliate strategies after they start operating. So, it is always possible to make necessary changes and adaptation to ensure highest optimization of efforts by increasing ROI.

  • Choosing us also helps clients to save on their expenditure and investment as the affiliate services offered by us are very affordable.


We implement the best practices and strategies to ensure highest promotion and visibility of client’s products across right platforms. We offer most reliable, premium quality, productive and result oriented affiliate marketing services to our clients.