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Digital Marketing

360 Degree Digital Marketing and Branding Services

The use of the Internet and other digital or electronic media and technology for marketing of products and services is called digital marketing. Digital marketing is the promotion of product and services via electronic media. The various forms of online or digital channels associated with digital marketing are internet, the most popular of all, mobile applications, electronic billboard, radio channels, wireless text messaging, podcast, digital television and mobile instant messaging.  Unlike traditional marketing, organizations can analyze and understand digital marketing option better in real time and bring whatever changes and updations are needed to make them more effective and responsive.  Digital marketing is all about finding different ways to present the right digital content and advertisement to the digitally inclined consumers at the right time. Digital media is so all-encompassing that consumers can actually access information and content at a place and time of their convenience.


Today’s online market place is characterised by fierce competition and to make a prominent mark is really challenge for any online given business. BlueTrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd has best answers for all your digital marketing related queries. Below, certain proven digital marketing techniques are discussed that we adopt to provide the best solutions and services to our customers as per their requirement:-


    • 360 Degree Digital Marketing / Branding is an integrated all-encompassing approach of marketing that makes the best use of every resource to reach the potential customers and ultimately convert them into productive buyers and add to the growth process of the business.   A 360 degree digital marketing strategy is all about taking a broad and holistic view of the entire customer journey, from discovery of a product online to finally purchasing it.


    • Organic Marketing refers to the act whereby traffic or customers naturally visits websites over time and doesn’t involve any artificial traffic or customers that are generally generated via paid links or boosted posts. In organic marketing, by different types of unpaid posts, tweets, blogs, case studies and online status updates, the seller let the customers have knowledge about their products and over time customers naturally visits their website. No money is directly spent on attracting or increasing traffic inflow to a marketing website.


    • Paid Marketing involves PPC (Pay per Click) and CPM (Cost per impression) techniques of paid marketing strategies. This means the advertising is done within sponsored links of search engines or a partner site by paying them all with the aim of attracting quality traffic.


    • Email Marketing is the marketing done through emails to potential customers. It is the act of sending a commercial message via email to a particular group of quality audience who has the potential to be converted into customers. Emails sent to a purchased lead list or a current customer all falls under email marketing.


    • Lead management can be defined as a set of methodologies and practices that enables a business to generate fresh list of potential clientele via different types of marketing campaign and systems. Acquisition of new potential customers is the primary objective behind successful lead generation.



Make BlueTrans Technology Pvt. Ltd  your digital marketing partner and be confident to run a profitable business online by reaching out to larger section of customers with the help of our extensive carefully designed online marketing strategies. Avail our specialized integrated digital marketing service and gain the highest customer conversion and ROI. Our SEO Services will offer maximum online visibility to your brand by putting it in front of the right audiences, keep them engaged and finally converting them into satisfied buyers. Let our excellent result driven digital marketing solutions do wonders for your online business.