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eCommerce Web and App Development Services

The type of business model or commercial transaction that conducts business over the internet is called Electronic commerce, or e-commerce. Electronic commerce is prevalent in every single segments of modern electronic market and cover wide array of products that can be transacted through it right from books to e-tickets. To put it in a simpler manner, all buying and selling that is conducted online involves e-commerce. Needless to say, for something as simple and convenient as e-commerce, it has grown in its popularity over the years and today has its presence in all aspects of global online marketing.


E-commerce can be mainly classified on the basis of two primary guidelines. They are:-


  • What type of products are sold through it

  • The types of parties are involved in it


BlueTrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd also provides for this hugely successful e-commerce website development service to its clients. Here it is important to discuss some of the very obvious beneficial features of e-commerce which has largely accounted for its growing popularity. They are:-


  • It enables increase in sales

  • Increases audience and thus increases customers

  • Online shops can be operational 24/7

  • Transactions and payments are easy and quick

  • It increases the reach of the business

  • Collecting recurring payments is easier

  • No physical efforts needed

  • Starting and managing a business is easier

  • Wide variety of products of varying price range can be displayed to attract larger number of customers


Several proven platforms have evolved over the years through which this entire ecommerce websites are developed. BlueTrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd deals with the following major e-commerce platforms to offer best service to its customers:-


  • Magento is an open source e-commerce platform, which through interactive gateway allows maximum customer participation and thus helps to increase the inflow of website traffic. Written in PHP language, this is one of the most popular e-commerce platform options.

  • OpenCart is the best open e-commerce system nowadays. The chief OpenCart script is free and thus allows online merchants to build a proper customised online store. This is a PHP based e-commerce website developing platform that uses combination of HTML components and MySQL databases with the aim of providing support to varied languages and currencies.

  • One of the most trending and sought after e-commerce platform for online stores is Shopify. Running an online store through it is both easy and profitable. An online merchant goes for this with the aim of being able to manage unlimited stocks, add easily new sales network, efficiently manage orders and track sales trend.

  • PrestaShop is another popular e-commerce platform that is immensely rich in its features and is an open-source that enables merchants to run stores online either through self-hosting or in cloud.  For anyone who is willing to start an online open e-commerce store, this seems to be the best sophisticated option.

  • WooCommerce is undoubtedly the most customizable platform to develop a great ecommerce website.  This is an open free source to start e-commerce online store. It is used worldwide and is built in a way that allows it to integrate with WordPress.


So, choose any of the above given platforms and be benefitted with our expertise in running a successful e-commerce online store. We will develop the best online e-commerce driven marketplace for you to ensure highest benefits and returns. The clients are benefitted from the simple fact that websites developed by us are sure to attract larger number of traffic and convert them into potential buyers in no time and thus lead to overall increase in business outcome. BlueTrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd offers the most flexible, affordable and beneficial e-commerce solution to their customers.