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Web Applications

Web Apps Development Services

Web app development simply refers to the brilliant process of creation of effective application programs that are placed on remote servers and, over the Internet, are delivered to the user’s device. To put it in a much simpler way, Web Applications enables web sites to be more dynamic by adding interactive functionalities that is made possible by server side programming. Some of the prevalent examples of web application are social networking, online training programmes, online reservation, online polls, blogs, ecommerce, interactive games and others.


Why are web applications a must:-


  • Web applications are now treated as very essential component of internet based business transaction. Businesses, by using these web applications, can now expand and achieve desired and targeted objectives much faster.

  • Businesses can easily reach larger section of target web traffic through these integrated web applications.

  • Web applications can also play an important role as far as branding is concerned. An effective communication channel can be set up between the online businesses and potential customers, opening new and fresh avenues of for business expansion and thereby spreading the brand name.

  • Web applications are must for any business in today’s competitive market to attract productive and larger number of customers.


Now it is important to identify the best platforms or rather frameworks that enables to build the most successful and result oriented web applications. Node JS and Angular JS are undoubtedly the most popular and scalable web technologies that are widely used to develop technologically sound web applications. Certain important features of these two platforms are discussed below for better understanding:-


  • Node JS – Node JS is the prevalent and most preferred JS framework with several important web benefits. This open source platform with powerful tools for web development is highly manageable, fast and efficient in developing web applications. Node JS java script runtime environment is built on Chrome’s V8 JS engine.

  • Angular JS – Another revolutionary web technology that we deal in to provide web application development services to our clients is Angular JS. Originally developed by Google, is a Javascript framework that combines best components, elements, patterns and practices within it to ensure effective method for developing web applications. Angular JS makes use of two principal software designing patterns, Dependency Injection and Model View Controller. Angular JS framework supports easy active continuous development progress that has led to an overall increase in its popularity and growth rate.


We, at BlueTrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd, use these popular JS platforms to built and integrate premium web applications to clients website so that they can get the most out of it.


Why choose BlueTrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd:-


  • BlueTrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has curved out an eminent place for itself in web application development field.

  • It strives to provide the best possible superior and most advanced kind of web application technology service to its clients.

  • Providing client with flexible, secure, easy and reliable web application solution at best market price is our primary objective.

  • Client’s utmost satisfaction is the main lookout.

  • The primary focus in this regard of the company is to create strategically proficient web application and enable clients achieve their objectives systematically and efficiently.

  • Dedicated team of our sound technical professionals first understand properly the need and objective of the clients and accordingly serves them with the most suitable web application solution that helps their website to gain in momentum.


BlueTrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd has profoundly gained in its popularity as a major web application development company. We are the top-notch service providers of most affordable & effective web application solutions.