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Web Development

Web Development Services

Web development is an all encompassing phrase that involves basically everything that goes into the making of a website. Web development, more typically, refers to the process of coding or programming that enables functionality of a website according to the client’s needs and requirements. It’s specifically the work that goes on the backstage to ensure the development of a great website in terms of its look and performance. From creating basic text pages like HTML and PHP to most complex, high end, feature rich applications like, Content Management System and E-commerce, web development has all of these within its range.


For better understanding, the entire web development process can be broken down into 6 simple phases. They are:-


  • Gathering vital information

  • Proper planning

  • Designing

  • Website development

  • Testing and Delivery

  • Maintenance


As far as web development is concerned, BlueTrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd has become a name to reckon with and has been very successful. Over the past years the rate of our success in the field of web development has been simply overwhelming and worthwhile. We work by the simple motto of delivering the best to clients and ensure total client satisfaction and proper value of their money. To understand our company and how its web development services are performed, in a better way, certain key points and strengths need to be highlighted:-


  • Before developing a website, we at BlueTrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd properly communicate with multiple members of the clientele organization to ensure that the website is built in such a way that it meets everyone’s goal.

  • The team of technical expert that deals with the clients break the complex technical jargons and bring them to the level of common man, in order to help them have a clear idea about the planned technical result and goals.

  • As web developers, we are always driven to stay updated about everything happening in this field in order to remain relevant and shine in our profession. We are proud to let you know that we have a well organised experienced team of technical experts who strives to offer best and latest solutions to meet client objectives.

  • The after maintenance of website is where we excel. Even after the successful creation of a website is done, our responsibilities do not end there. For any type of updation or changes that might be needed after the launch is done, we are there. Proper communication and instruction from clients are needed to keep such tasks simple and uncomplicated. We offer proper backup and services related to the effective performance and updation of websites created by us. Clients can opt for our reasonable maintenance packages and be rest assured that all necessary work related to their website will be taken care of.

  • By implementing latest and rich feature applications like CMS and further WordPress, BlueTrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd provides for the best and most feasible website development services.

  • Our main aim is to deliver the best to the clients. We offer web development services as per the need and requirement of clients. Both PHP and CMS type of web languages are available to choose from for development services provided by us.

  • Punctuality is a must in this type of business and we strictly adhere to timelines and deliver goals accordingly.


Our premium services are very cost effective, yields expected results at blazing speed.  By adopting the best of standard practices in the industry we offer full proof result driven web development solution to client’s online marketing requirements.